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Publié le 19 July 2023

A state-run site

Le Délégué interministériel au développement durable

The Interministerial Delegate for Sustainable Development, Thomas Lesueur, who is also General Commissioner for Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, is responsible for coordinating the Agenda 2030 at French government level.

The Sustainable Development Delegation

Under his responsibility, the Sustainable Development Delegation within the General Commission for Sustainable Development is the linchpin of the national implementation of the Agenda 2030.

A website serving a community

This website is intended to be a showcase for the community of French players working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond that, its ambition is to be truly nourished by contributions from this community. A multi-stakeholder editorial committee will ultimately be responsible for this shared production.

Ministère de la transition écologique et de la cohésion des territoires
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Pour une planète solidaire - Agenda 2030, 17 objectifs
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Pour une planète solidaire - Agenda 2030, 17 objectifs