Elyx: a universal ambassador for the SDGs

Published on 19 July 2023

Elyx, the United Nations’ first digital ambassador since 2015, has been promoting the Sustainable Development Goals from day one. Through an approach that is at once educational, inclusive and positive, his staging of the 17 goals and a number of targets have been shared around the world in non-verbal, directly understandable language.

Pour chaque objectif de développement durable, une illustration avec Elyx est proposée
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A virtual ambassador for the SDGs 

A true international star of sustainable development, Elyx embodies all the principles of the Agenda 2030. He is inclusive, meaning that he does everything in his power to "leave no one behind", which is the aim of Agenda 2030. Rather than seeking out the particularities of each individual, it looks for what is common to all.

It is universal. Having no distinctive cultural sign, it addresses everyone and carries the message of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) universally without the use of words.

This is how Elyx became the first digital ambassador - neither male nor female, neither white nor black, and ageless - for the United Nations in 2015, and has been accompanying and promoting the SDGs since day one.

17 SDGs and numerous projects

Its action for the SDGs

These Elyx visuals requested by the United Nations at the time of the signing of the SDGs in 2015, have since been used by numerous agencies, Unesco but also the French Development Agency, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity and many NGOs, schools and companies. Its creator - YAK for Yacine Ait Kaci - a media artist, sees this way of communicating as an effective way of getting messages across in the digital age.

Travelling around the world, meeting people, institutions and associations, he tackles the current issues and challenges raised by sustainable development, without being anxyogenic, always in a positive and playful spirit.

Although Elyx is universal and without nationality, YAK is French, and remains very active in France, notably on social networks. In this way, he is helping to spread the SDO culture across the country.

A few examples 

Welcome to your world

The positive future guide for children from 9 to 999 years with Elyx (Nathan Éditions) ends with a presentation of the SDGs as a goal for an entire generation, the SDG generation.

Go Goals

This board game published by the United Nations and downloadable free of charge on the Internet enables anyone to organize educational games around the SDGs with Elyx.

Goal 2030

Created on the initiative of the UNSS and the Christophe Février Foundation, in partnership with Yacine AIT KACI, who is also the sponsor (along with Didier Dinart), this school sports competition is entirely designed around the SDGs. Each team wears the colors of one of the goals, and each team has to present its goal in one minute 30 in a short show that takes place before the matches. The vast majority of participants discovered the SDGs thanks to this project.

Objectif 2030 Animated series with Elyx to tell the story of each objective. Series in production.

Elyx with AFD Cards, Quizzes, Stands


Sulitest is an international initiative aimed at measuring and improving knowledge, skills and mindsets on Sustainable Development and the UN Agenda 2030 through the creation and dissemination of internationally recognized and locally relevant awareness and assessment tools, the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the collection and sharing of data with the world of research and education.

Les cartes postales d'Elyx avec chaque ODD pour l'Agence française pour le developpement
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Initiative sportive "Go-goals" avec Elyx et l'UNSS
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Figure 179
Deux des outils de communication avec Elyx : Bienvenue dans ton Monde et Go Goals
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