Datavisualisations of SDG monitoring indicators

To monitor global trends in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 232 indicators was adopted in 2017 by the UN Statistical Commission.

On their side, the States were invited to define their own set of indicators for tracking the SDGs at national level according to priorities, realities, computing capacities and their own situation.

In France, a multi-stakeholder working group (associations, research institutes, state institutions, companies, local authorities, public establishments, ministries and ministerial statistical departments) was established within the National Council for Statistical Information (Cnis). It analysed the 232 UN indicators. In 2018, 66 of them were selected to be included in the set of French indicators, supplemented by 32 additional indicators.

Following the adoption of the "Roadmap for the 2030 Agenda" in 2019, the French General Commission for Sustainable Development (CGDD) has undertaken work to make these indicators easier to read, while at the same time seeking to provide more accessible information and an overview of the development of these indicators.

After numerous attempts using a variety of formats, and as part of the work to draw up the voluntary National Review, the CGDD has opted for a digital presentation of France’s results.

This section thus offers an annual look at France’s progress in achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. It provides the data used and the method used in the analysis. Finally, although it offers an annual overview of the 17 SDGs, it should be remembered that the long-term nature of the trend is not assessed.

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