Updating indicators for monitoring the SDGs

Published on 11 juillet 2024

Appropriation et mise en œuvre des ODD

Updating the indicators used to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals is essential to be properly understood. This update is presented in the form of simple, educational data visualisations.

Updating indicators for monitoring the SDGs
Crédits : MTECT - agenda-2030.fr/en/ Agrandir la figure 2744

Updating indicators for monitoring the SDGs

France has defined a set of 98 indicators tailored to its national priorities and specificities, to monitor progress on the 2030 Agenda. These indicators use regularly updated statistical data to monitor France’s contribution to achieving the 17 SDGs through the French public policies implemented.

As in the case of the second Voluntary National Review presented to the UN in 2023, this set of indicators is provided to you as a datavisualisation, to make it easier to read the changes observed. Today’s data update provides you with : France’s trends in relation to each of the SDGs, as well as a "Rosace", which gives you an overview of France’s situation at a glance.

We encourage you to find out more about this update, which provides civil society as a whole an available framework for better understanding France’s commitment to the Agenda2030.